Hello..The earth is flat…the earth is flat…..Please look at the evidence you see before your eyes and tell me how Bin Laden had anything to do with the building demolitions,  the thermite, the gold disappearing, the 16 ft diameter hole in the pentagon and no external damage for a massive air liner. No windows in the air liner, 2000 deg in the ruins for weeks etc etc.  Come on folks…It is time the truth was told and stop the fairy tails….  Just give us the truth, or at least have the courage to face these facts.  See how wtc 7 goes down. Perfect demolition
The Bio Weapons Mafia (6:26)

The Carlyle Group: Bush and Bin Laden in Business (48:00)

The CIA’s “Visas for Terrorists” Program (4:17)

The confession tape (3:00)

The day before 9/11 (3:00)

The lone anthrax gunman (10:00)

The Pentagon 9/11 Lie Fest (3:00)

The Science of 9/11 (21:48)

The Weekend Before 9/11 (6:52)

“Today We Saw Evil” (7:00)

US General (retired) speaks out (5:16)

Waking up in Montreal (5:00)

What Bush Knew (1:19)

Where’s Osama? (3:00)

Who are you going to believe?
Me, or your own lying eyes?

Who ran the government on 9/11? (10:01)

Why Afghanistan? (9:19)

WTC 7 collapse reported 30 minutes before it happened (25:38)

X-Files, Lone Gunman, 9/11 (8:59)