Mr Tom Watson in partnership has written a book called ‘CLIMATE CHANGE EXPLAINED THROUGH MAGNETISM’ and a prelude called ‘A FRESH APPROACH TO MAGNETISM’ . Also he has a cd available with the entire book on it at. All three items available at  

Tom as addressed our meetings at the ASSOCIATION FOR CLIMATE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS on several occassion and he traveled from Geelong to Mount Waverely resulting in some very late nights with his dear wife Ruby.   At 80 Tom is still a ball of energy and we thank him for his efforts and contribution. Yes it isall very controversial but we often hear the term ‘THE SCIENCE’ when pro global warming advocates get going, but I find more science to the contrary and wonder why thjey have to rely on so mcu deception and fraud like the Hockey Stick or emails colluding etc.  The debate will continue but the weather will tell the story in the end. Our ten year drought seems to be over in most parts but we have alwys had long dry spells.

Here is a sampleof the address Tom gave us in October 2010.  The entire lecture is availbale on DVD from