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It’s certainly been an exciting week since we released the demonstration of a circuit that creates 100 watts of real dissipated heat in a power resistor for only 5 watts input! We’ve been swamped by emails asking us for more details but we actually won’t know what will be shared until we actually see the presentation by Jim Murray and Paul Babcock at the conference ourselves! If you didn’t see it, check this out:
Learn more about Paul Babcock and Jim Murray by getting their presentations from the last conferences:
We have the full demonstration video that the above mentioned “5 watts in 100 watts of heat” video demo came from and it will be available for the low price of $7 coming soon… it will NOT show you how to build these circuits, but it does show you a couple other demonstrations using reactive power as an energy source. Jim really needs our support so if you want to suport someone REAL that actually does know what they’re doing with this kind of technology, then please purchase a copy when it is released.
We’ll also include some patents that cover the concepts – YES, part of the technology in the demo video actually got through the patent process! Jim Murray & Paul Babcock will be sharing the science behind this game-changing technology at the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference – there aren’t a lot of seats left so register now if you want to come learn from the real Tesla Masters
In 2009, we released Save on Home Energy, which shows you how to save 50% on your home energy bills. It was the first energy related eBook that we released. Here is something that is very important to understand – many people are claiming that to reduce energy bills, you have to install solar or wind. However, the average home wastes 50% of it’s energy so the solar panels you need will be twice as many to compensate for the waste!
If you apply what is in our book, which is under a new title Home Energy Savings Guide, and cut your bills in half by eliminating the waste, you will only need half the panels! And, it costs way less to reduce this waste than it costs to buy twice the size solar system that would normally be used. 
STAY TUNED… Thursday (Tomorrow), we will be launching the new 2014 Edition and you won’t want to miss out on this!
It seems everyone these days wants a battery charger from Tesla Chargers that are built by John Bedini… well, here’s your chance to get one at the lowest price that has ever been offered!
For only $125, you can get John Bedini’s latest charger, which is a 12 volt 3 amp Solar Charge Controller – it is THE best way for anyone to get their foot in the door with this *AMAZING* technology and be able to see that nothing else compares. There is no such thing as truly green energy in the solar world without a Bedini Tesla Solar Tracker 5 and the free book below will tell you why.
Follow these 3 steps… 

1. Watch these demonstrations of this versatile mini unit that is PERFECT for survival applications!

2. Get this FREE eBook by Peter Lindemann –

3. Get your Tesla Solar Tracker S3A12 now:
Thank you to everyone that has already donated to John Polakowski’s Indiegogo Campaign for the Cosmic Induction Generator! Check out this video that was just released – most footage was taken last year, but it shows the early work that John was doing on it with Eric Dollard: donate what you can to help him out even if it is only a few dollars. Here’s the direct Indiegogo link:

Here is a video presentation from the 2012 Energy Science & Technology Conference by Mike Hirata showing you how to turn your ideas into reality – it’s all about Contract Manufacturing whether you want full scale production or you just want to know how to get a prototype made.

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