Cold Fusion at Home?

As mentioned in previous postings, there appears to be some basic requirements for getting Cold Fusion/LENR working; that being:
1) Hydrogen, or mainly hydrogen nuclei – protons, or proton/neutron pairs (deuterium)
2) A metal lattice which the hydrogen is then loaded into, preferably to saturation. Pons/Fleischmann used expensive materials like Platinum/Palladium, whereas current researchers are using cheaper Nickel. If the metal is comprised of very small particles, which massively increases the surface area and hence the speed of loaded Hydrogen and probably the speed of reaction, so much the better.
3) Pulses of energy to get the hydrogen nuclei close enough together that they fuse into helium (possibly with electrons being captured by protons to turn them into neutrons – electro-weak capture – along the way).

Turns out we might be able to do something like this in the comfort of our own home.

Crystal Light Kit

Crystal Battery Light Kit

I’ve had the Bedini Crystal Battery Light for over 6 months now, so about time I gave an update.

Although you can make it yourself following the instructions in the Energetic Forum blog posts, I decided to shell out $250 and get the kit as per http://teslachargers.com/crystallightkit.html.  You can generate electricity by connecting a wire between two different metals (leading to the oxidation and decay of the metals) this is theoretically different – the copper hemisphere is heated through several colour changes until it becomes a semiconductor, and the crystals between it and the centre electrode supposedly act as ion channels with current flowing once water is added, theoretically by pulling electrons/ions out of the water and not leading to metal decay.

Brillouin Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion/LENR Update

Yet more apologies for delay in news; Real Life (TM) keeps on getting in the way.  Anyway, bit of a brief update on what’s happening in the land of Cold Fusion/LENR since the last posting until March 2014, in which there are still three main players that looks like they could be bringing something commercial products to the market this year.

cold fusion

Cold Fusion – The Science, The Players, The Devices

Apologies re the time in between drinks; hopefully I'll get a few more out this year. This time I've put together a rather detailed view of Cold Fusion, due mainly to the fact that there has just been an independent verification, commercial release and business plan sewn up for one of the players, with presentations of another's in a couple of months.


Sorry for the sparsity of news over the last year; settling into Tassie, looking for a Job, putting together a garden, raising a cattle & talking with heaps of government types about why we should be looking at these technologies to revitalise industry in Tasmania has taken its time.