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Venue – Alvie Hall

Corner of High Street Road and Alvie Road

Mt Waverley, Victoria. 3149


Association for Climate Technology Solutions

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Welcome to the August News letter 2011.


Dr Les Spencer gace an inspirting talk some months ago and has kindly offered to return with a more detialed lecture which I am sure all will find illuminating and inspiring. So often we settle our thinking in a rut so it wont hurt to stimulate the grey matter to expand to horizons unthought of before. This indeed is very useful for the thinking inventive mind and indeed should be useful for all of us who try to think outside the square.

Topic:  How can we go beyond our conditioned limits?

Beyond ways of knowing that limit knowing
Beyond perceiving that limits perceiving
Beyond methods that limit discovery
Beyond ways of using our bodymind that limit our bodymind
Beyond ways of using energy that drain our energy
Beyond ways of charging batteries that drain our batteries

Les will be drawing upon experience in engaging with complex systems of systems, simplicity in complexity,
neuroscience, networks, cybernetics, research method & wholebodybrain connectivity practical things that we can check out in our on life and work

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We welcome anyone to come and give any updates or lead discussion on any topics of interest to the Association. Please let Cameron or myself know if more than 10 minutes.


Here we have Cam’s big cell that can produce 10 ltr per min which was fed into the air inlet. The casing has been removed and the instrument panel re mounted and a small fuel bottle fitted for fuel/time measurements.

1-The engine ran for 9 minutes on 123ml of diesel fuel with NO HOH – 2 kw load

2- The engine ran for 7 minutes on 123ml of diesel fuel with HOH-the cell running at 10 Amps – 2 kw load

This is not quite what we had hoped for as the governor did not cut back on the fuel when the HOH was added. A diesel expert explained that in a cheap diesel engine with the ratio lucky to be 17 to 1, the fuel system is just not capable of doing that so we need to fit an electronic injector where we can control the fuel precisely. I believe there are modules that will do the job and an injector off a small car diesel will do the job nicely.  We need to measure the fuel line pressure and test the new injector to make sure it has the right spray pattern. The injector sprays the fuel into the air manifold, not the combustion chamber.

If anyone has that expertise then we would like to draw on that expertise if possible.


Secretary: Ian Hacon 90176123 (Engin) or 94572814 nutech@tpg.com.au

Vice President: Cameron Ashton: cameron@cts(dot)asn(dot)au

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