Letter to the Editor

Earth is responsible for this climate change because of its current orbital position within the Sun’s Positive (Magnetic) Heliosphere.

The Federal Governments Carbon Tax is a Fraud, because Carbon Dioxide is a HEAVY Gas and cannot possibly be responsible for the claims made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), who stated that humans are responsible to change Earth’s climate.

There is absolutely no positive connection between what the IPCC group claiming this, other than to raise money to provide employment for the free energy Greens group.

Wake up Australia to this fraud frenzy that has gripped our community into being told that mankind is responsible for this Climate Change.

Yes! Our Climate has changed, but it changed because of the fact that our Earth’s orbit entered the active sector of the Sun’s Positive (Magnetic)Heliosphere on the 15 February 2001 and it was this natural process known as the Swarbe Cycle (11.1 Averaged years) that made this happen.

We’ll enter the Negative (Magnetic) Sector of the Sun’s Heliosphere on or near the 22 December 2012, and when this happens; our climate will change, yet, again to another cycle of seasonal change, and we will have to accept this, as gospel.

Already Governments of the world have invested over $8,500,000,000 to promote this Carbon belief and they will all fail, because of the now proven and accepted fact that our Earth has had these cycles before, and the last cycle was 120,000 years ago.

Since records have been made by mankind, Earth has had four of these cycles that can simply be proven by looking at the ‘Vostock Ice Core Records’ that go back to over 450,000 years. If you still think that I am wrong, go there and you will see that the Earth’s temperature falls in front of the still rising Carbon Dioxide, by as much as 180 to 800 years.

Finally, the Oceans will not rise by Meters in the year 2100, only Millimetres and the City of Greater Geelong councils will be surprised to witness then, that, Corio Bay may have risen by 47.5mm.

Thomas T S Watson