Stephen Horvath has been of great interest to me since the m70’s when he claimed to run a car on water. His patents are still around and perhaps his technology should be revisited.

He got in to trouble by claiming COLD FUSION in the combustion process as Helium was coming out of the exhaust. The set up I was witness to did have bottled Hydrogen but he was hitting the gas with gamma rays in his special radiation tube which we believe raised the energy levels of the Hydrogen which we now know is a very poor fuel by it self but with  this process it performed like a normal Hydrocarbon fuel. In 1979 he claimed that a conversion would be about $1700.

For various reasons he left the automotive research as it became clear the ‘system’ did not want this technology so he has  focused on the big picture to produce Mega Power using the Muon Generator. We have not heard much about this except some years ago we invested in it but the ACCC shut down the investments program. However the research goes on. I hope you find these contributions interesting.

The Horvath story

The patent for his cell

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